The Kohala Center Newsletter

Linda Copman interviewed Richard recently and then wrote Moving Forward by Looking Backward for The Kohala Center’s newsletter.

The Kohala Center is a non-profit organization that “identifies, welcomes, and supports high quality teaching and research programs in the following academic areas: global medicine, ocean sciences, environmental studies, and alternative energy. From the Island point of view, these programs should contribute to the healing of the human community, the human spirit, and the natural environment.”

They do some really interesting work, including sponsoring the Food Summit that Richard spoke at recently.

Have a look at the article about Hamakua Springs Country Farms. It’s really quite a good overview, encompassing:

• the farm’s start
• food security
• rising fuel prices and how that affects farming
• making the switch to alternate energy sources
• Hawai’i Island residents’ nutritional needs and how we can meet them here
• the importance of buying locally produced foods
• legislation to help farmers with farm loans for alternative energy projects, and more.

I got tired just reading about all that Richard is thinking and doing! She did a great job of capturing the big picture.

— posted by Leslie Lang