Richard Ha on PBS Hawai‘i’s “Long Story Short”

I just sat and watched the PBS program Long Story Short, with Leslie Wilcox. The episode featured Richard, and I “live blogged.”

Well, sort of. I didn’t post it as I went. But here’s a delayed live blogging post:

7:30 p.m. They used a lot of Macario’s photos from this blog (with permission, of course). Wow, Macario, great pictures. They really illustrate Richard’s story nicely.

7:32 I know how many stories and thoughts and opinions Richard has, and when Leslie Wilcox asks a question I can see his head spinning. There’s a lot going on in that head. Richard, you’re doing great!

7:34 Wow, it was really matter-of-fact the way he told Leslie they used to make sugar cane rockets – like everybody knows about sugar cane rockets. He just said, “I don’t know if anybody’s any happier that has all kinds of toys,” and I’ll bet he’s right.

7:38 I like everything I’ve ever heard about Richard’s father and wish I’d met him. I hope I can teach my own child the same sorts of important life lessons that Richard got from his Pop.

7:41 It’s funny that he describes his early farming activity as qualifying as “big business” as soon as he had more employees than could fit into his station wagon.

7:47 It’s neat how everything Richard talks about and works on can be traced back to the same subjects: Making sure farmers can farm so there’s enough food in these islands; taking care of the next generation so they can lead sustainable lives here. It all comes down to supporting farmers so we can feed our people.

7:52 I love that Richard’s workers get to come to the farm every Thursday to pick up vegetables for their family for the week. What a useful, practical benefit of employment. Also delicious.

7:53 Leslie Wilcox just asked, What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? and Richard said he cannot imagine. I believe that. In the short time I’ve known Richard, I’ve watched as his interests have evolved and turned corners –without his ever losing focus of what is important. Earlier she talked about Principal Lehua Veincent (of Keaukaha Elementary School) doing everything from the perspective of “what is the pono thing to do right now.” That’s definitely Richard, too. I’ve never met someone so caring and also so ethical, at the same time.

7:57 Nice program. If you missed it, they just announced that it will repeat on the radio on Sunday morning (11/16/08) at 7 a.m. That’s on KUMU 74.7 FM.

The TV program will play again on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 on PBS Hawai‘i.

And I just found a page where you can download Richard’s Long Story Short interview as a podcast. They have other interesting segments there, too, that you might want to explore.