Will You Adopt-A-Class?

RImagine, it’s already our third year doing our Adopt-A-Class program for Keaukaha Elementary School!

Here is an overview of why we started the program, and how far we’ve already come since then. In a nutshell, we started doing this in Spring 2007, when we realized that the students at Keaukaha Elementary School only took walking field trips, visiting places near their school, because there was no money for anything else.

For two years now we have sent all Keaukaha Elementary School students, the kindergarteners through the 6th graders, on one excursion each semester. Some of them visit ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, where they learn both about the science of astronomy atop Mauna Kea and also about their Hawaiian ancestors as powerful and successful navigators and explorers.

It costs about $600 for the bus and entry fees to ‘Imiloa, so that’s our target price per class per semester. If you look at our Adopt-A-Class website, you’ll see that one can donate $600 to adopt one class, or contribute toward the adoption of a class by giving $300 or $100.

There are no administrative costs taken out of your tax-deductible donation. Every penny goes to the class for its excursions.

From the Adopt-A-Class page on our website:

Here’s how it works. Choose an open “slot” on our chart that corresponds to the grade level and semester you will sponsor. Download the commitment form (pdf), fill out your information, and fax it to Richard Ha at 981-0756 or mail it to Hamakua Springs, 421 Lama St., Hilo HI 96720.  Please make your check payable to the Keaukaha School Foundation.

There are so many places to donate money, but this is a very worthwhile and specific one where you know EXACTLY where your money is going, and who it’s helping. We thank you for helping us help our community.

So we’re working on collecting donations for the fall and spring semesters coming up, and need some more help to make sure all students get to take mind-broadening excursions. If you can help, please click here. And thank you.