Learning From The Past & Moving Forward

My impressions regarding the arrival of the seven vaka:

  • The canoes: They looked like ancient canoes, but were equipped with the most modern equipment.


7 vakas at Palekai

TJ Glauthier, me, Patrick Kahawaiola’a, Ramsay Taum and Rick Blangiardi. All are Ku‘oko‘a members, except for Patrick, who is President of the Keaukaha Community Association

  • The people: They have kept the old values, and we respect and admire that.

Welcome ceremony

  • The future: It is uncertain, but our values must be clear: What’s important is taking care of the land, the people and future generations.

PatTalking story with Uncle Patrick Kahawaiola’a

Royal orderThe Royal Order of Kamehameha

Kalepa Kalepa Baybayan, left, is Navigator-in-Residence at ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

With Nainoa

Me with Nainoa Thompson (right

  • The lesson: We were there to participate and to, ourselves, become grounded.


Ka‘iu Kimura (at left) is executive director of ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center

DieterDieter Paulmann (left) poses with some members of the 1976 Hokule‘a crew