Momentum Toward Geothermal Has Shifted

It is clear that the momentum toward geothermal has shifted.

There have been numerous community meetings on the Big Island, where the overwhelming number of Hawaiians are in favor of geothermal if it is done in a pono way: It needs to be culturally sensitive and benefit the community, and before we implement geothermal, it must be shown that its use is environmentally benign.

People on the Big Island are very aware that geothermal electricity is much cheaper to produce than oil- or biofuel-generated electricity. They expect to see a difference on their electric bills.

This major change will be very challenging for the electric utility as it tries to translate geothermal production into lower electric bills. But they have the best people working for them; they are our friends and neighbors. Actually, they are us.

Not, no can. CAN!