Should Farmers Grow Biofuels Instead of Food?

Richard Ha writes:

Should farmers grow biofuels instead of food?

This is a fundamental question that our society will need to answer. How much do we value food production?

When farmers look at rising and uncontrolled oil prices, and are not able to raise their prices to keep up, the message they get is that our society does not, fundamentally, value farmers.

One thing that can help our farmers is geothermal – because it is cheap and its price is stable. Having cheap electricity bills would mean that the people who are the farmers’ customers will have discretionary income, which they can then use to help support farmers. 

Every day I talk to many people who are very fearful about rising electricity and gas prices.

Mayor Billy Kenoi has thrown down the gauntlet. He is saying: "We have geothermal; why aren't we using it?"  

I agree with the mayor. Geothermal can help the folks that are on the verge of having their lights turned off. It’s truly about the effect on real people.

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