About To Throw the Switch on our Hydro

Richard Ha writes:

Our hydro is all hooked up and we are ready to throw the switch.

HELCO is meeting with whoever they meet with on O‘ahu on Tuesday, and we will get instructions for the Standard Inter Connect. We cannot wait.

We will have stable and low-cost electricity. This will give us the ability to refrigerate and consolidate produce for area farmers. We plan to expand the number of farmers and type of crops growing on our land.

portobello mushroomsWe are looking into growing portabello mushrooms, and are in the process of growing our first batch. When we get into commercial production, we will end up with compost and that will allow us to get into organic food production. The electricity we generate will help the controlled atmosphere and sterilizing process.

We are also in the process of getting into aquaponic fish production.

Lots of exciting things going on.