Thirty Meter Telescope Mauna Kea

VIDEO: Why I Support Thirty Meter Telescope

I hope you’ll watch this short video. It’s about why I support building the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on Mauna Kea.

We formed the non-profit group PUEO to support education – primarily, but not exclusively, for native Hawaiians. It was formed for the very long run.

On video, I talk about how I became aware of rising oil costs and how much we rely here on oil.  We are so dependent on tourism. I thought about how we had better diversify our economy.

There is a direct relationship between education and family income. This is why we push education. And the TMT is already helping with it.

There’s a time we need to stand up for what’s right and be counted. And it’s not an adverserial situation. We just want our voices heard. Why can’t we have both cultural respect as well as taking care of the folks on the lowest rung of the economic ladder?

TMT photo courtesy TMT International Observatory


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Why I Support Thirty Meter Telescope”

  1. Are you the head of state of the Hawaiian Kingdom? Are you part of the House of Nobles? Are you part of the Finance department? What authority do you have to build a TMT in the occupied Kingdom of Hawai’i?

    Where do those who want to build the TMT have authority over seized crown lands?

    Are you the enemy to my country? If you build this without the consent of my country, by its laws, and by it’s leaders… then my answer to you is yes. You are an enemy to the Kingdom of Hawai’i an insurgent after the taking of Hawaiian lands for capitalistic greed, and military prowess.

  2. I have a right to express my opinion! I fought for that right in Vietnam. I am not debating with you about your opinion about the kingdom of Hawaii. That’s your opinion and your right. I do not appreciate being threatened for expressing my opinion.

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