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Treating Girl’s Seizures With Medical Marijuana

If you only watch one video all year, you should watch this about medical marijuana.

Jari Sugano is a hardworking and serious extension agent at UH Manoa’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. I respect her a lot.

Some years back, I heard she had a child with severe seizures.

I wondered how she handled that while working hard as an extension agent. But she did. Her reputation never diminished.

Then I heard marijuana was helping her daughter MJ. I considered Jari the least likely person to grow marijuana. I continued to follow her story from afar.

When it seemed like we might get a dispensary license, I wanted to acknowledge Jari’s story. She was my inspiration. The week before licenses were awarded, I took several of my team members to meet Jari. It was important for me to go before licenses were awarded.

Whether or not we got a license was not as important as acknowledging Jari’s strength and inspiration.


3 thoughts on “Treating Girl’s Seizures With Medical Marijuana”

  1. Aloha Richard,
    This is truly an inspiring story. Jeri is amazing. My son also has epilepsy so her story hits home. I met her at UH Poamoho Ag station on a tour. Thank you for sharing her story.

  2. Aloha,
    Thanks for posting this story. I have suffered from epilepsy for years and marijuana changed my life. I hope others can rise above the stigma attached to this miraculous plant and then benefit from it’s medicinal properties. It might take a while for it to happen but you folks are taking some very important first steps. God bless you and good luck with your new venture.

    Much Aloha,
    Brian Parnell

  3. Wow, I think it’s incredible that Jari gave her daughter medical marijuana. As a caregiver to her daughter with seizures, she must have wanted to do something to help for a long time. I’m glad medical marijuana was able to help her daughter. Thanks for sharing!

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