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Treating Girl’s Seizures With Medical Marijuana

If you only watch one video all year, you should watch this about medical marijuana.

Jari Sugano is a hardworking and serious extension agent at UH Manoa’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. I respect her a lot.

Some years back, I heard she had a child with severe seizures.

I wondered how she handled that while working hard as an extension agent. But she did. Her reputation never diminished.

Then I heard marijuana was helping her daughter MJ. I considered Jari the least likely person to grow marijuana. I continued to follow her story from afar.

When it seemed like we might get a dispensary license, I wanted to acknowledge Jari’s story. She was my inspiration. The week before licenses were awarded, I took several of my team members to meet Jari. It was important for me to go before licenses were awarded.

Whether or not we got a license was not as important as acknowledging Jari’s strength and inspiration.