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KITV: Hamakua Springs Volunteers Acres For Testing

Richard Ha writes:

Did you catch the KITV news last night? Here’s a link to our story Hamakua Springs Volunteering Hundreds of Acres For Testing

Take a look at this photo. I was receiving instructions on how to fly the small chopper in Ted Ralston’s hand.  

Ted Ralston and Richard Ha

I actually launched it, flew it around and spotted a banana clump, which we were able to look at. We saw how different heights affected the screen resolution.

It was very easy to operate, and at a cost of $1500 to $2000, it’s very affordable compared to a real chopper at $500,000. With one of these, we could check around our three streams for invasive species and plan our strategy. We could make a long-term plan for our property based on terrain, soil fertility, etc.

We would coordinate with our neighbors, too, and offer to help them with aerial photos and such. It’s very interesting.


Watch Richard & Tracy on KITV-News Tonight; & Some Photos

Richard's segment on KHON news last night was interesting! Always something new.

If you didn't catch the piece, titled, "Local farmer turns to natural cleaner to kill bacteria," you can watch it here:

Richard Ha on KHON-2 News

Lara Yamada of KITV came by and she interviewed us there, as well. Here she is with Tracy. This segment will run on tonight's KITV News.


Here's Richard speaking to Olena Heu. This was at Alan Wong's Pineapple Room at Ala Moana.


Olena Heu interviewing Alan Wong.


With Vincent Kimura, of the Innovi Group.


Olena tested her cell phone, and then some tomatoes, for bacteria, and then again after treating them with ozone. Watch the segment to see what she discovered! Really interesting.


– Leslie Lang